WTB Erebus Pilot

As per the title looking to buy an Erebus pilot, doesn’t have to be maxed out but ideally should have basic skills to actually fly a Titan, not just sit in it. Although I will also consider Erebus sitters.

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Hi, thinking about selling the character, what price will you offer ?

Hi, I guess I’d off 60bil for that character, factoring in the SP & skill book cost etc.

Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

Thank you, but I assumed a high price, there is no hurry, I created a topic about the sale

Fair enough, good luck with the sale and let me know if you change your mind.

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Here’s my character, can extract some of the extra skills for you if you like. Has HG amulet erebus pod in npc nullsec

Great erebus pilot (Titan 5)
Near perfect revelation pilot
Good naglfar and minokawa pilot
Avatar and moros quick crosstrains
Can fly ceptor

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Celene_Zateki pw: ‘beer’


I’d be interested. How much were you looking for the character?

Also, as per the bazaar rules the character would need to be in an npc corp and confirmation posted here from the character you’re selling :slight_smile:

Hello, confirming my sale. Will transfer to npc corp after role c/d.

I am asking 70b for this character as it already has an amulet clone in npc nullsec, near the war zone.

Hi, thanks for confirming. Based on the SP, skill books and implants I’d offer 60bil, is that something you’d consider?

It seems I miscalculated extract value when deciding on an ask. 60 Bil is acceptable.

Disclosing required info:

  1. 0 ISK wallet
  2. No kill rights
  3. 1 Jump Clone
    HG Amulet set
  4. Character Located in Jita 4-4 CNAP

If this is acceptable I am ready to accept isk, transfer assets off, and initiate transfer later today.