WTB:Erebus Pilot

Please send links and quotes!

still looking

If you don`t get an offer then have a look at my pilot. It is 58 days training from all Titans


Do you intresting Caldary titan pilot?

I am mostly trained as a Hel pilot, but all the skillbooks for Erebus are in my head. You could extract the hel skills and inject them back into the titan skills without having to buy skillbooks.

Thank you! I only need Erebus for the time being.

Thank you for your message! I want to continue to wait for more in line with my requirements.

still looking

still looking

WTS Leviathan (Caldari Titan) Pilot Levi, not Bus, but Titan )

still looking

This is a 65mil XP Bus pilot, im not actually looking to sell it but could be persuaded.

Titan 5
Capital blaster spec 5
Capital railgun spec 5
All armour and gunnery support skills to 5
Cyno 5??? Randomly
Currently training gang links.
He is missing the Spatial Phenomena Generation skill because for me its worthless.

He has a HG slave set and the Glittering dream skin.

For a good price i will sell him, i will provide a eve skillboard link privately if the isk offer is right.

Gallente Skillbook (6b ISK). Focus where you want Max return on Skill Injectors! :syringe::syringe::syringe:

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