WTS 80mil Erebus Pilot


Looking to sell myself. Nicely skilled titan pilot.

In Jita
No Kill Rights.
Small positive wallet.

password: 1234
Starting bid: 50b

Do include the PW to access the skill sheet :slight_smile:

My mistake! PW is 1234. Thanks!

20bil lets do it

Patriotic Poljus I can offer 45 B but 65 is too rich for me.

@WTB_All_Characters Thank you for the interest and starting the bidding. I think 45b is a bit too low for me atm. I feel like this is a strong titan pilot that someone will be able to jump right into.


Bump. Slashing the bidding to start down at 50b. Thanks!

I’ll offer 48b

@Queen_Currency Thank you for the offer. Looking for a little more though.

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