WTS 130mSP EREBUS pilot

WTS perfect Erebus pilot

Characterhas no killrights and positive wallet.
8b worth of implants are included in price (full HG slave and xx6 implants and 8 armor implant).

Starting bid: 105b
B/O: hidden

Transfer will be made with plex via petition to CCP.

110 bil

Why did you copy someone’s else advert almost 1:1? Not enough creativity for your own content?


daily up

Character for sale has not confirmed they are for sale.

its a realy stupid)) same corp, same ally, and yes this is my titan alt)) and yes you don’t send some msg to Kelama)) 26 days old alt for trolling? bro you have some msg from kelama on your alt) and Kelama have update BIO special for all troll here)

The character for sale must be the one to open the sales thread. Please follow all CB rules before posting. Thank you.