WTS Pure combat pilot. 50 mill sp


Minmatar carrier and Nice droneskills

Positive Security and standings

Positive wallet

Starting at 45 Bill

Buyout 55 Bill

40 BIL



Thank you both for your offer, but the price is still 50, not a penny less



And up we go

You can ask as much as you want obviously, but let me elaborate why the bids arent as high as you would like:

Ever since the introduction of skill extractors and injectors most toon are only worth about 1b per 1m SP. But you have to substract the 5m sp that cannot be extracted.

Some people might still be interested in a character as is, but most will leave it behind like some empty husk floating in pod goo. And may or may not even biomass it after extraction to make room for the next victim. Pretty grim future if you think about it.

Anyways I apologize for messing up your sale thread. Hope you get a decent price for your character.

Fly safe o7

Well, I’m in no hurry. And I have done this for about 10 years now. Also, it seems to me that alot of these extractor muppets know ■■■■ about what they’re doing.

I don’t play much right now and I really don’t need this character. So I try to sell before the account goes to sleep. That’s all. But selling to my price, not the extractorboiz. ■■■■ them all.


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