Please Remove thread

This charcter is no longer for Sale

I’m interested in your role, but now the price is beyond my budget. I’ll mark it

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70b offer still stands

71B offer

Offers rejected

offer retracted

You are calculating the skill point value as it refers to extraction, I dont care what its extraction value is.

The value of characters has been forced down by these extraction vampire on here and impatient sellers, I am not an impatient seller The character Has more inherent value than an extractor would see, placement of skillpoints and its value as a pilot far suprass what its extraction value of 147billion in skill injector minus the extractor cost…

I will only consider offers above 95b

I will no longer argue this with anyone else… If you cant see the value in this toon, you dont deserve it.

I take back this offer of mine,

Goin UP^^^^

Received ingame Offer of 95B … For late January close… This offer accepted Unless someone beats it before hand.


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Its still right there

71 b offer

Still starts at 95b, Buyout for 110b

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72Bill 0/

Already have offer for 95b, thanks anyways

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