Changed my mind no longer for sale



85 bil



90bill offer

Thanks for the offers guys, tbh I’d like to keep this running for a little while yet since just by extracting the sp and selling the injectors I’d make around 96 B.
This is my daily bump :upside_down_face:

Note: the overall value of the skins unlocked on this toon is at least over 4 B

if you can show me the math how you can make 96 billions by extracting and selling the injectors, i am more than happy to buy this pilot from you for 100 billions. i am not joking and will pay you that much if you can show me the math… walk the walk, go on…

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That would require you having already 39 extractors, clean profit if you don’t have any is around 82 B
But hey you could offer 95 B and i could think about it

Love it when you do this

ok… then will the pilot comes with free extractors? lmao… it is hard to justify that it’s worth as much as you claimed if it doesn’t come with those free extractors :slight_smile: let me know…

no it doesn’t lol, I was thinking about doing it myself but this is the wrong toon to extraxt sp from; eventually i might marginally do it if it doesn’t sell as it is

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