Decided to extract it myself, please delete this thread.

30 bil

Sorry, I’m looking for a little more than that. I’ve updated the OP.

Daily Bump.

you estimate too high about subcap pilot ,last 56m sp pilot like your char only sold 46B lol .
So 31B offered

I could extract the character myself and sell the injectors for over 35B profit at current prices, which is why it is priced accordingly.

that is why you cant sell it out at your price,a deal without profit is pretty difficult.and i bought just for play lol

You’re right.

Daily Bump - Price Updated

Daily Bump.

Why dont you beleive me,if I am a businessman,i wont buy yours at a high price, I will have no profit,but i am a player,buy it for fun,otherwise I even wont bid 31B

Decided to extract it myself.

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