I’d like to point out that all names in eve are inherently rare, as they have to be unique.

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180b offer


dayly bump

dayly bump


Is it still for sale?

If still for sale,tell me the price you can accept

i am waiting 250b :slight_smile:

i want 250b

You wont get it. If you wanted that price you should have bought extractors when they were 320m, waited and extracted now.

225b would probably be a fair price (not a bid btw)

this is not a garbage character who costs no more than his skill points. Those who want to buy it for the game understand its real price

It’s a buyers market, has been ever since the injectors were released into the wild. Nothing about your character adds to its value except what it can do (skillpoints and implants). It’s not even unique in its SP count, considering that’s 10 years training in a 20 year old game.

It’s your sale thread but no one pays more than 1b per 1m sp except in exceptional circumstances, like hyper speciailisation or low SP titan alts where the skillbooks factor in.

are you looking for fools to buy a character cheaper than its cost and disassemble it into extractors? It’s not about me, I’ve sold a lot of characters in this market and I know their price

I’m not looking to buy your character at all, I’m telling you that 250b isn’t going to happen and that you should realistically be happy with 225b if someone offers that.

dayly bump

this is below the cost of SP

thx for free bump

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