Delete pls


Lowered start bid to 70b.

i want it 70B

Thanks for your bid. Still open for business :slight_smile:

I’ll let this auction run for a few days, to check interest. If no other bids arrive, I’ll consider yours @freedom_strick

Buy me please :slight_smile:

Added buyout 75b

@freedom_strick you still interested in this?

Online now. Need to get rid of this :octopus:

Ready to be bought, online now.

Apparently @freedom_strick bailed.

Still for sale. Offers accepted.

sorry,I already got a character

No problem. Thanks for replying :slight_smile:

Still for sale people.

Nice char with excellent skills and nice implant clones. Grab it.

Still for sale :slight_smile:

Would you consider 62 billion?

I would let it go for 70b. 2b worth of implants alone.

Still for sale.

Buy me :+1:

I’m hot and I’m for sale :ocean:

Still interested… how about 63 bil?