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I thank you for your interest. I do not wish to sell at extractor price. This char has great standings and great implants. I will sell it for extrator price + 5.5m char sale price + implants price.

Extract = 62.3b (current market)
5.5m SP char = 4.5-5.5b
Implants = ~2b

I’ll sell it for 69b if you’re fast.

The price of hotness is still a little to high ;=)

The raw value of the skills are 62.349.570.050 ISK.
The approximate value of the 5.5m SP char that’s left, would be around ~7b considering the standings, age of char and implants.

TBH 69b is a great deal!

Don’t be a cheapskate, buy this monsterbabe.

Still for sale!

Bump someone must need me :frowning:

Still for sale. Buyout is 80b to reflect current skill extractor/injector prices.

Raw ISK value of skill points @ 13:02 = 76.357.367.253 ISK

Which means you’re making a killer deal here.

Still for sale. I’ll take 75b today.

sended you an offer ingame

Still for sale - Raw ISK value is currently 74.320.011.528 ISK.

I’ll take 75b today as well.

70 bil, evemail me if you agree

Thanks for you interest. 75b is minimum price.

72.5 bil


Thanks for your interest. The price is 75b and it’s still cheap.

Current value of extracting this char = 74.578.966.272 ISK

Add to that 2b worth of implants and a 5.5m SP shell (4b), it’s a bargain.

Aw, come on Vic… If I fly her to Jita right now and buy 176 extractors, that’ll run 62.7 billion. Extract and sell the injectors pulls in 134.6 billion, for a margin of 71.9 bil. Subtract a bil for the labor and we’re looking at 70.9

Doesn’t the 72.5 sound good? ;=)

Sure, if you werent left with a char + implants worth at least 5-6b then. And as a bonus, this chick is already in Jita :slight_smile:

No longer for sale, please delete.

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