WTB Any Toon

WTB Any Toon

Quick Sale Easy Isk, post here or send me an IGM with your link and asking price.

price check


Hi I want to buying your character at 3B, if you ok please use that character to open a new post as “Private” and follow the info under CCP rules.


3.5 billion

15 bill

I would go to 12 but I can’t do any more than that sorry



I am looking to sell many 5.5ish mil sp barge/exhumer pilots with 10 reaction slots. LMK if you are interested. Have only posted one so far.

You are asking far too much for it I am afraid. I can offer 4 bill.

thats the price of a transfer. lmao


Hahaha found one, totally forgot about this account:
Heyyyyyy Yooooooo Skill & Standings Sheet (tools4eve.com)

Edit: Cancel that, the account still has about a months worth of Omega time, so I will wait to sell.

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