WTS 5m sp pilot

(Glock Uta) #1

Hello ! I am selling myself .


Positive Wallet.
Positive Sec Status.
In NPC corp
No Killrights.
Located in Jita 4-4
Remap ok

|Low-grade Asklepian Alpha|Low-grade Asklepian Alpha|
|Low-grade Asklepian Beta|Low-grade Asklepian Beta|
|Low-grade Asklepian Gamma|Low-grade Asklepian Gamma|
|Mid-grade Asklepian Delta|Mid-grade Asklepian Delta|
|Low-grade Asklepian Epsilon|Low-grade Asklepian Epsilon|

Starting bid : 3.0 b

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(ludikonj Dallocort) #2

3,25b now

(Xoo Nakato) #3

ok for 3.25

(Limited Liability) #4

everything sent awaiting your transfer, Thank you for using limited Liability Character Liquidation services

(Glock Uta) #5

Job ll start tommorow, i discover we need 14 days old account to sell one :stuck_out_tongue: so, isk sent back, youll send the isk in few days when i’ll ready. Thanks

(Misaka Rin Peter) #6

3.5b offered

(Glock Uta) #7

bump !

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(system) #8

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