Buying All Toons at the best prices INSTANT ISK 💵

Post here or eve mail me with your eveboard and any offers you have received so far.

I will tell you my price and if you agree I will be available for instant payouts :dollar::dollar:

Full disclosure this is to build an SP farm so I have very little interest in specialisations, age of char, names, specific skills ect.

Pc for myself

mail sent for your confidentiality

lol ?

i’m selling my self WTS 5m sp pilot

3.25 bill

Ok lets go do that, send isk and account name by mail plz

isk and account details sent

Please make an offer on my 2008 toon.
Pw 4321

as noted age of toon means very little to me and so all I can offer you in 200 million isk for this toon

Sorry not even enough to pay for transfer.

Im for sale.

I am for sale.

2.5 bill for zannder

2.35 bill for andy peeze

daily bump

Hey mate, selling two level five mission pullers
WTS 2x Gallente Level 5 pullers online now if you wanna talk :slight_smile:‘Trauma’_Dallocort

selling myself. would you happen to have offer? very close to 5,5m sp for retrieval

2.5 for Miriana