WTB All Characters from 15+ Million SP

I am a Frequent and well known character trader who is interested in characters of 15+ M SP.

Please make sure to include a link to: https://eveskillboard.com and that you understand the Character Transfer Process
All sellers must ensure to read CCP Terms & Conditions regarding character sales.

Reach me here, via evemail, or just join my channel to discuss your character (Kazim’s Bazaar)





11Bil offer

I need 15B

13 isk ready

@vidro_unknow You have 10 seconds to remove the post. This is my thread, so kindly get out.

@ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode I believe what @vidro_unknow is doing is against the TOS. I made this post looking for potentiall sellers and he is hijacking my post

With all due respect, show me the rule where I’m against to with offering a better price for seller even it’s Your thread.

We’re both going to find out soon.

Ok, sure. I’m very intrested too.

Preparing popcorn :slight_smile:

You’ve opened a can of worms I doubt you understand and that it affects yourself. You should actually wish it’s against the TOS.

Steals @Gina_Tonic some popcorn.

It’s highly frowned upon and can be seen as trolling. I don’t recommend it.

Well my apologies then :slight_smile: . Thanks for explanation.
But marketplace in game is like battlefield in some way, price wars, etc. Whats a difference here? You buy a character for ISK applying all CCP rules, just like an item in-game. No offence or trolling to anyone.

thnx for your offer @vidro_unknow but 13.5-b ISK bidders :slight_smile: i need 15B

Thanks for clarifying @ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode. I would like your post to serve as a driver for bringing some order in this forum, since things are getting rather chaotic with some of the character buyers in here. As such, anyone who wants to get rid of trolls in their thread can now link to your message to avoid the drama.


@mazai_saffey 15 bil

I refuse your offer