WTS 28.5M sp Gallente Drone/Gunnery focused


Is located in High sec

Positive wallet balance

It has a jump clone located in low sec

No kill rights

Looking for 30B

Thanks for looking, feel free to ask any questions

20b b/o

21b isk ready

Looking for more but thank you


30B buyout or nearest offer

I’m willing to offer 25 b

@ASMO_Spenser I would accept your offer if you would pay for transfer?

OK 27 b but with your translation

Seller must pay transfer fees per Welcome to the Character Bazaar - Marketplace / Character Bazaar - EVE Online Forums rules.

Ok sorry for misunderstanding - Character is still for sale @ 30B

Bump - still for sale

Daily Bump


20b offer?

Still for sale Accepting bids above 25B

update skill sheet?


let me see you new skillboard.