WTS 85Mill SP Missile/Marauder/Incursion focused character (sold)


Comes with a full set of Genolution Core Implants, as well a some sweet goggles!
While it shows my old corp, character is indeed in an NPC corp.
No Kill rights
No jump clones
Wallet is at 18 mill and some change
Sec status 3.55.
Currently in Simela.
Clean and tidy, would be a good cat for a rather combat focused home.
Not clear on what the worth would be, not exactly what all i need to put in here.

you can see this to see what you need to share.
TL:DR, need to be in NPC corp at time of posting, need to share wallet, killrights, jump clones

Awesome thank you, will update the post now

Cheshyre Da’Kitty 48B

Its a good start, tho i will wait and see if any other offers come in. Thank you for your interest though.

50 bil, offer valid for the next 8 hours only as i am also deciding to buy a different pilot if not this one

Sure why not, ill take it. Ill be ingame waiting on your info and isk

isk and account info sent

Transfer started, best of luck

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