SOLD WTS 109mil sp alt char

(appleprimo) #1

Hi there after my previous post at cost to sell my char id like to sell my alt.
This char has been used from Missions to some light pvp cynos also hauling has a whole range of skills

im looking to start with a minimum value at 83bil
as ive not used this char in a few months and is now not needed

the wallet ballance is 47mil, ive a sec status of 3.3,Remap available
location is jita 4-4, there are no kill rights,there are no jump clones, +4 implants

if you want to know anything related to this sale please contact my main DAM1987 in game
or my alt if no reply


(Gattanera) #2

89 bil

(appleprimo) #3

i will accept this if no1 else bids soon :slight_smile:

(IChooseYou) #4

I’ll do 90 as a buyout.

(Gattanera) #5

91 bil

(appleprimo) #6

i will accept 91bil if you are still around

(Gattanera) #7

Sure, will send the ISK now

(appleprimo) #8

i accept 91bil as the buy out

(appleprimo) #9

ISK and account name have been exchanged and accepted

(system) #10

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