Not sure if this is the place but, I want a price check on a decently proportioned 350mil SP character for sale

I want to know what to expect to pay for a character of 350million sp character for sale. What is a fair price and how much Isk should I have before I start working it in the Character Bazaar to find my 350million sp match.

By well proportioned I mean focused skills on Sub cap and Cap PVP and not industry or mining.


‘Focused skills’ on a 350 million SP character? Your focus would be ‘everything combat related’, I guess.

About a fair price, I’d calculate a lower and upper limit as follows:

Lower limit: how much ISK someone could get if they turn a 350M SP into a 5M SP character and a bubch of injectors. (You’re not going to find a character cheaper than that.)

Upper limit: how much ISK it would take you to inject 350M SP in a new character, taking injector diminishing returns into account. (You wouldn’t want to pay that much or more for someone else’s character).

I am not sure how to calculate this. I looked up the formula for minimum value as this “((Total SP - 5 000 000)/500 000) * (Skill Injector price - Skill Extractor price)” but I get 650 billion or so. What am I doing wrong here. If you just know roughly could you tell me the minimum and maximum?

350 M - 5 M / 0.5 M = 690

That’s the amount of Skill injectors needed to strip down the character to 5 M SP.

Buying them from current sell orders in Jita/Perimeter without using orders might cost around 515 M per injector. Dumping them into buy orders would push down the price quite a bit. Let’s say the person sets up a sell order at 900 M. With 1% Broker Fee and 3.6% Sales Tax, that’s 858.6 M per injector.

858.6 M - 515 M = 343,6 M income per injector
343,6 M x 690 results in roughly 237 B.

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About the maximum: As said above that’s when you create a character on your own and inject it up to 350 M SP.

That’s crazy expensive, because you only get 150 K SP per injector from 80 M onwards. We are talking about roughly 2020 injectors here, which is close to the daily trade volume of injectors…

You would end up close to 2 T ISK.

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