Price Check - 138m SP PvP Character

Need a price check for Eveboard
PW is Lightning123
Thanks in advance!


Your Skillpoints are approx 97B worth.
Based on:

138’000’000 - 5’000’000 = 133’000’000 (Can’t extract skillpoints under 5.5m)
133’000’000 / 500’000 = 266 Large Injectors
266 Extracors = 266 * 383’000’000ISK (Median Jita Price) = 101’878’000’000ISK
266 Large Injectors = 266 * 750’000’000ISK (Median Jita Buyorder) = 199’500’000’000ISK

Total = 97’622’000’000ISK (97.6 Billion)

This is the amount of ISK you could generate if you would extract and sell all your skillpoints, today (04.12.2017)

o7 Crystal XTD

I appreciate the effort, but if I wanted to extract this character, I would’ve just gone ahead and done it. Thanks anyways!

Oh. Well that’s weird. I thought you wanted a price check on your character. Crystal XTD gave you a price check.

Maybe this is the wrong area of the forums for you. No worries, mistakes happen!

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