How to calculate SP to isk?

what is the current formula that gives character traders the approximate cost a character of X skillpoints is worth?

((Total SP - 5 000 000)/500 000) * (Skill Injector price - Skill Extractor price)

That gives you the ISK value of the extractable SP anyway. There is some residual value of the remaining husk depending on name, age, and history of the character, and the current demand for bodies by SP farmers, but that formula gives the minimum value you should sell a character for, plus the cost of transferring it

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@Black_Pedro thx

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Dont forget some people include cost of skill books and whether there are certain combinations or lengths of skills learned, I.e. rorqual indy or caldari titan to 5.

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I’m also surprised this doesn’t account for the deminising returns of Skill Injectors.

Is that because it always extracts 500k, so they are calculating what the can gut and strip the chara for, instead of what an equivalent chara would cost to make?

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That formula calculates what the SP of a character is worth on the open market if you want to strip one. It sets a minimum that the character is worth on the Character Bazaar.

If you want to create a character with Injectors it is indeed much more. It would not be hard to figure out with a formula, but is a different question, and one already done for you by EveMon which will tell you how many Injectors you need in the character planner.

But given most SP is farmed and characters made the old-fashion way with regular training, the diminishing returns for high-SP characters is largely discounted in the character market. If you inject, you are paying a premium you aren’t likely to recoup, although that said, people will pay a premium above the extraction value for focused and desirable high SP skill plans.

Basically any value above the extraction value depends on what the other guy is willing to pay.

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