Does Anyone Have The "FORMULA" for SP Extraction? 💲

Does Anyone Have The “FORMULA” for SP Extraction? :heavy_dollar_sign:

When “extracting” came out I took an old alt with about 150m SP’s and extracted all but 5m. I was shocked at how much it cost and how few SP’s my “perfectly trained” toon ended up with. The cheapest Extractor on the market now is 578,700,000.00 ISK. The cheapest Injector is 895,800,000.00 ISK. Does anyone have a formula that takes all of the costs and diminishing returns into account? I want to make another “perfect toon” using another alt with 200m SP’s. At the end of the process, I’m curious how many SP’s the new toon would have. I think I ended up selling about ⅓ of the Injectors in order to “break-even”.

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Not sure what exactly the question is, but you need 10 injectors to hit 5M, another 113 injectors to hit 50M, another 100 injectors to hit 80M, and then you get 150,000 SP per injector after that.

If you extract 145M SP, that’s 290 injectors, which would get a fresh character to about 90M SP.

If you extract 200M SP, that’s 400 injectors, which would get a fresh character to about 105.5M SP.

Past the 80M SP mark, it’s a terrible idea to inject, as store packs provide a better value for acquiring SP.


Thanks, I agree with what you said. I figured 390 injectors would cost 225,693,000,000 ISK. If I just extracted the SP’s and sold them I’d only profit 123,669,000,000 ISK. I say “only” because I could sell her for more than that in the Character Bazaar.

I’m working on an Excel Document to calculate the break-even point and how many SP’s a new character would end up with. *Excel is not my forte.

Lot’s of info available in Uniwiki…

Just saying…

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the formula is sugar spice and everything nice


I think I have all the data, I was just hoping that someone have already written the formula. When I’m finished, I’ll be able to plug in a few numbers and let the spreadsheet do all the work. Thanks!

We’re talking about Eve Online…right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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