How many skill points can a single skill extractor extract

I’ve been gone from eve for 6 years and am just getting back. skill extraction is completely new to me. so just how many sp can a single extractor extract and can i drain every single sp from all my old mains to get my new man up and running as my new main?

500k per extractor and you can extract down to 5.5m afaik

Can extract to just over 5mil sp, also it depreciates so if your main had 100mil sp and you extracted into a new toon you will only get to 40mil on the new toon while your main will be down to 5mil.

Actually more like 85no?

The cost of extractor is 365m you get 500k points for that, you can sell it for 810mil so 365/810 = 45% loss becuase you have to buy skill extractors so 100mil -45% loss = 55mil sp but then you only get 400sp per large injector after 5mil sp so thats -20% efficiency and then after 50mil you get 300sp instead of 500 which is 40% loss so works out to about to 55mil = 5 + (50-20%) = 45mil. Then there is tax and all that crap to worry about, this is assuming you are selling off large injectors to afford new skill extractors. But if you want more sp you could always spend about 30bil buying extractors or real money and get about 85mil sp.

thank you guys so much. o7

is there any way to transfer skill injector points from one character to another.

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