Toon skill extraction

I have 2 characters I want to scale back on skill points to move to other alts.
Is it better to sell them whole and buy skill injectors or buy skill extractors?
They both have 50-60m SP’s.
Who’s done the math?

Seems like it would be cheaper to just buy extractors and keep the injectors. Since you will only be making around 400-500m for each injector sold, and then rebuying them at full price of ~800m.

That being said you are going to lose SP, so keep that in mind. You extract 500k, but after 5m sp you only get to inject 400k, and after 50m sp you only get 300k.

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I’v done it before your going to loose 55-60% of your sp on avg so if you have 55 x 2, 110 sp you’l have 45mil sp around left to place into new character’s less than half of 1. Becuase of what brock said + the loss from the cost of extractor’s in the first place which is like 30-40% of the cost.

It’s better to sell those character’s for about 90-95% sp x 1000 so (48bil-52bil) for a 55mil sp char and so on and buy new chars off the bazaar extracting is only if you want an exact name for your char instead of just grabbing someone else’s name.

By selling and buying off the bazaar you can keep your total amount of sp the same divided between all your char’s much better than extracting.

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Thx guys, makes more sense now.

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Your best bet will be to scour the market for characters that have most of their SP in things you will use, then extract skills on your mains to fund purchasing those alts.

For instance you might find a well-priced 20m SP character with most of their points in invention - if you need an alt with those skills it will be cheaper to acquire that way than to inject a new character.

thank you for your input really good to know this stuff before you commit omg

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