Skill Extractor Limits

When I played before a little more than a year ago I had created a Character with a name I really don’t like. One of those “make one quick get into the game now” then really regret it later kinda deals.

This Character has 11 million SP on them and from what I’m reading is it correct you cannot take them all off of a character leaving them with zero? Can I only take them down to 5.5 million netting me only 5.5 million in usable skill injectors?

Please let me know if I’m reading this correctly. I would really love to take them all so hoping I’m reading this wrong. Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

Just sell the char on character bezaar for 8ish bil.

You are correct in your reading - though you can reduce to a minimum of 5m SP. (Technically, you cannot use a skill extractor on a character with less than 5.5m, but you can extract that last 500k to 5m).

Extracting your existing character will get you 12 skill injectors. If you decide to use these to create and up skill a new character with a better name, the first 5m will be injected from 10 injectors at the rate of 500k per injector. The next two (and any further above 5m) will only yield 400k so there are diminishing returns.

As previously suggested, you could sell the character on the bazaar, but 8b isk will buy you 10 or so injectors and the above still applies.

I’d counsel you to think carefully, but depending on what you want to do - or try out - it’s not so bad starting again or at around 5m SP if you really hate the name.


Thank you Skyweir for letting me know I was reading that correctly. Now the big decision, do I want to throw 5 million SP in the garbage… :smile:

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