Advice needed - returning player

Hey guys, I came back to eve about a month ago, got 2.1M SP character. I found my old char, with 14M. Should I leave this new one and play the better skilled one? I kinda don’t feel connected with it tho… I know you can’t change the race of characters. The 14M char, even tho Amarr, is much better skilled in shields than the Caldari character I created. Thanks in advance.

Play the character that you enjoy.

If you don’t feel any desire to play the older toon, you might consider extracting skills to use on your new main (you get full extract value on injection until your receiving toon hits 5m SP, then it reduces to 80% injection value up to 80m SP), or selling the toon, as ways to recover value off it.

Both involve a cost (in your own real money for a character transfer, and in isk/plex for extractors) but also can provide significant income.

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Stick to the char you’re liking the most, if you’re planning to keep playing EVE.

Even if you’re not into role playing and such, but it just feels better to start a game with something you’re comfortable with.

You could also consider extracting the skill points from your older char, but this might be a bit expensive.

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Yeah, I don’t feel the connection to the other char at all. I was considering to sell the SP and get isk to PLEX the other account. Is that a good option? or selling a character is better? When selling a character, do i need to pay a fee or something?

Sorry, I never sold a character and I can’t give you advice here

Yes, there is a real-money (not PLEX) fee paid to CCP for character transfers, and it is paid by the seller of the character, not the buyer. You may be better off saving up isk to get extractors - a lot of players sell them.

make sure to station the toon you want to use the extractors on at Jita or wherever the buy point is for the extractor, so you don’t have to transport valuable extractors anywhere.

Injectors can be redeemed to the target character from anywhere in the game (they are consumable from the asset window), so there is no reason to move them in ship cargo except to try and sell them in a different region. this is generally a losing proposition, since they (like the extractors) are huge gank bait.

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I say; extract the skills from the 14m character and inject the skills into the 2m one, buy 6 months or a year subscription from CCP (or one of their few authorized resellers - don’t mess around with "gold sellers).

You won’t get 100% direct transfer of all skillpoints when extracting and injecting, but probably worth it to use the character you like better.


I was also considering selling the SP from the 14M char, at least some of them, to get omega time from it. Is that a good option too? Or getting the regular subscription is better for this time?

I would keep the vast majority of skillpoints at least and just buy a subscription for awhile anyway so as to not concern myself with needing to get gametime. I have extracted and sold skills “there was no way I’ll ever want those again” only to later - yep - have to retrain those skills again when I unexpectedly actually needed to do a particular thing again… Extracting and selling some skillpoints might be beneficial to you depending on your isk situation, but skillpoints are more useful and harder to get than plex - so I’d keep the SP were it me.

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