Price check / looking for comments

Hey all,

I’m a returning player. I used to have 2 accounts, one is 18 mil SP, -10 sec stat, PVP oriented. Other is 12 mil SP, exploration and covops.

I have less time to play now, and I don’t think I’ll be able to omega both accounts. I was wondering if I could trade in both chars for one new toon.

I just re-activated last week, I’m still sorting out inventory. I’m not fully decided yet, so I’m not linking skills. I just wanted to get a sense of my options, if I decided to sell.

How much do you think roughly each toon is worth?

If I sell both and buy a new toon, how much SP can I expect?

Would I have to sell my two chars separately, and use the isk to buy a new one? Or would I be able to find someone who’d be willing to exchange 1 char with my 2?

I’m just looking for comments, not decided yet. Thanks for any input.

Personally, I think you would do better using skill extractors on 1 to then plug into the other, making the character you want.

Would love to see the Eve board skills list?

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