PC on 116,918,591SP toon and assets

Hi everyone,

Looking to sell my older characters that I never use anymore with all their assets. Just wondering how much I could get for this toon.
EVE board Shu Guang

I don’t logon to this toon so please reply here if you’re interested and have a decent offer.

Assent can’t be a part of character trade. Also your post missing some basic information - check bazaar rules.

And this is why I stay away from EVE so much.

  1. This is not a sale post! Go read the rules for char sales again. Those rules do not apply here.
  2. This is a price check. You comprede?
  3. I will give you one for the assets part but again not a sales post.
  4. What basic information … it’s a price check on a toon ! Click on the EVE board link.

Skills are a bit all over the place and Chimera/ Moros/Nomad are not the most popular choices these days. Just extract and sell the skill-injectors.

Or start at 85 Bil. ISK with an buyout at 105 (100?) Bil. ISK if you don’t want to extract and hope for the best.

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80 Billion isk ready !

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