86,000 SP Character 2010 - Clean

(Xeravis) #1

All CCP rules have been followed

+3 Remaps
+Positive Sec Status
+Everything that matters, it’s literally a brand new toon from 2010 with 86k sp, wondering if it had any value. I know some players like to buy older toons so they can say they’ve been playing for a long time. After all this toon was born in the golden era as they say.

Eve board, is not currently working, so we will do preliminary tester feels.

(landry 213) #2

How much are you looking for?

(Xeravis) #3

Looking for the value, which would mean you offer :slight_smile:

(Avallah) #4

I offer 3B


Redacted - sorry I miss read skills

(system) #6

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