Why would anyone use skill extractors vs selling character?

Let’s say I sell an Alpha character with 25mill skill points for 22bill on the character bazar and buy 29 large skill injectors on the eve market that gives my new toon 11,600,000 Skillpoints

The real life cost would be:

1 Character Transfer - £17 GBP
1 month Omega Time - £9.99/mo

But if I was to to buy 20 skill extractors in the new eden store it would cost a hell of a lot more and i would get 9 less extractors for a total of only 8mill worth of skillpoints:

x 20 skill extractors = 2240 plex - £84.99
1 month Omega Time - £9.99/mo

What am I missing?

Your money either way.


But why does it cost to extract skillpoints that are already yours? I don’t understand why someone would pay an extra £78 for 20 skill extractors when you could buy 29 large skill injectors with the ISK you get after selling your character and it would only cost £17 for the transfer fee…

Well you don’t have to pay the transfer fee with RL money, you can still use plex, see: https://eveskillboard.com/transfer .

And I don’t know if you’re assuming that people pay real money to then buy extractors (seems silly). Most people on the bazaar are buying from their fat null sec wallets, or skill farmers looking for a nother zombie.

So are you saying the cost of skill extractors on the new eden store is a scam? I’m returning to EVE and don’t have a fat nullsec wallet but want to get rid of a 25mill SP character so i can start a new one…

As it stands with the current very low injector prices you stand to make ~17bil from extracting a 25m SP toon.

Now you say you have a 22bil offer, that is by far the best bang for your buck. Even if you pay for the transfer with plex, which is now -2.8b from your tranfser, that will 19.2b you get for that character.

And no I’m not saying its a scam. I have no data to back this up, I just have a hard time any serious character bazaar buyer uses RL money to buy extractors, if you are, you are doing it very wrong.

And the majority of people who extract a character instead of selling have a couple of motivations:

  1. Sentimental value to the character ( they want to keep it around)
  2. They are turning it into a skill farm, so pull out all the goo, and send it to the farm

Where do you get this figure from? I thought you couldn’t extract a characters skills down to zero?

20 skill extractors cost 6.5bill isk
which turn into 20 large skill injectors = 15bill isk?

You get 40 injectors from 25m sp.

25m -5m = 20m
20m/500,000 = 40
40 * 318m (extractor bought through plex)
40 * 752m (current injector price)
= ~17bil

And where would someone like me get 4600 plex from to buy 40 extractors if I have no ISK and just an account with 25m SP to sell?

P.S the 22Bill offer would only give me enough ISK to buy 29 skill extractors?

You already said you had a 22bil offer on the bazaar. That gets you more liquid isk over 17b from extracting.

I never said this was a free activity to do. You pointed how how terrible it is to buy with RL money, which I think is why most serious extractors do not, they use their wealth of isk from in game.

Your best bet is to go with your 22bil offer on the forums and transfer with plex which nets you around 19.2b

We’re just getting redundant at this point with information, best of luck.

OK so from selling my 25m SP character I will lose about 10mill SP as I worked out 29 large skill extractors would net me only 14,500,000 SP for a new character is that normal?

Injecting a high SP character makes 0 sense to me. You lose so much, and it costs 2-3x more than just buying a character with that SP amount.

Just to get 5m sp you need 10 injectors, which is 7.5b. When I can go by a 5m sp character for 3.5b.

The only benefit and I still think its a waste is something you need very specialized. But if you’re patient enough and keep an eye out you should be able to find something close to what you want for a better price then injecting one up.

Still better to buy 1 year worth of training time on a 5mil sp alt and extract the sp afterwards works out to 32bil last time I checked which is a lot higher isk/real money exchange than any other method.

What’s one year of Omega training time for £89.99 got to do with this? I haven’t got a year to wait…

What’s to stop you from making 12 alt’s with 1 month each surely your not so impatient that you cant wait a month if you are then you deserve to pay out the ass xD.

1 year sub will just net you an additional 30% efficiency compared to 1 month.

You mean skill farming? Won’t that simply make you pay out the ass on Omega/Multiple Character Training.

1 year sub will just net you an additional 30% efficiency compared to 1 month.

Which can only apply to one account?

whats the difference between having 12 accounts with 1 char each compared to 4 accounts with 3 chars each. xD

if you’re farming, thats a significant difference in profits

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