Skill Extractor Proposition (Close)

Hello everyone,

I don’t need most of the skills that I learned (I did learned it long time ago) and I did redo the fonction of the character. My character Jean Element have actually 12 934 746 total skill points and I want to make a deal with someone about that.

If someone can buy the extractors and share it to me, I’m willing to extract those useless skill points and then give it back to that someone. We could do 10/90 or 20/80 on the profits. 10% or 20% (or higher if you want) for me of course.

Edit: I have enough ISK for one extractor, so I can give you ISK for one extractor by contract. I will extract the skill points, then by another contract you give me back my money and I give you back the extractor. After you sold the extractor, you give me the 10% or more (up to you) and we redo until you don’t have extractors anymore! ^^

Well this is it, just let me know if you want to do it.

As you do have enough ISK for one extractor, you don’t need anyone else.

Buy one extractor, extract, sell injector, use money to buy multiple new extractors, repeat.


I’ve being doing this for a long time
you get at most the isk of one injector , selling 2 injectors and buying 2 extractors back
i always buys the extractors back on the same day
this makes impossible for me to go broke and don’t have the money to buy them latter
I’m fully specked but i don’t use implants because of PVP
i train a BIG dreadnought weapon skill level 5 for ever

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Holy moly I’m just that noob ^^ Thank you !

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WTB Extractor for less than 356 millions ^^

Can I still have the profits?

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It’s kinda late for this :laughing: I can buy it to you if you do it less than 356m tho ^^

Can you just send me the isk? Thanks.

I love this song !! :heart:

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totaly true , im not fantasising at all

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Wow lol That is for sure awesome :heart_eyes:

Where can I let the grace of this majestic k-pop band enter inside my ears? ^^

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Thank you. Didnt know I have such a positive effect. :pill:

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@Nana_Skalski lol i misspelled
you are supposed to be the cute one :rofl:

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Buy the one Extractor, sell the Injector. Buy more Extractors. Sell the Injectors until you’re done.

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