WTS 41M SP toon - **COMPLETED**

WTS 41M SP Toon - pve/pvp/indy all rounder - open to offers


22b offer

I was looking for around 25bill

dude just extract for 30 bill and save yourself paying a transfer fee lol

25 bill b/o

you’ll get more to extract lol

25B offer

How much do skill extractors cost anyway?

Are you still selling?Will you accept my offer?

I will accept your offer

How does this work? never sold a character before

yeah but skill extractors can only be bought with plex which costs real money

No you can buy skill extractors in jita. 380M for extractor. :man_facepalming:t2:

im just gonna sell the char for 25b to @Mirror_Lied.

Transfer the isk and ill make the account transfer

If you do some basic math you’ll realize your paying someone 5b isk, and spending $20 to do so. When you can extract and sell 72 extractors… but go right ahead.

isk and account name sent。

transfer completed

Not bad, that’s an easy 11b ISK profit there

character receive ,deal end。

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