Can you rate/comment this character please?


I am new to Eve and respect every player who is playing this great game since years.
Having the chance to take over an character but I have no idea if it is good and in which things he is specialized in.

Maybe you could take a look through the skills and let me know in a few words pos/negative things?

And if possible the value of that char in ISK. Just want to be sure that I dont make a bad deal.

Has 170 Mio SP


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Looks to be a decent PvP character

Positive highlights:

  • Can fly most subcapital ships
  • Average Carrier skills.
  • Good FAX skills
  • Great “Core” skills: Shield, Armor, Engineering etc.
  • Good PI Skills, supports 6 planets

Concerning highlights:

  • Barely able to fly Rorqual (seems to be training towards it?)
  • No Jump Freighter skills (even though Freighter is trained)
  • Jump Fuel Conservation only at level 4.

It’s price would probably be in the 150-180 billion range with the current going rate for ISK/SP


How are you acquiring this character? Character Bazaar or 3rd party website?

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nice toon … usefull but you dont know what you get there as i see your question right
so why you want to “take over” this character?

i think it would be better to learn some stuff in eve befor you get a 170 mill sp char or better say recommend

EVE has no goal … skilling is part of th game … waiting is part of the game … its a nice char but dont forget to learn … never make the mistake to jump in too fast … EVE needs time …

@Cristl why it matters where he found the char? as long as he dont pays real money for the char everything is good … maybe a friend gives the char away because he doesnt want him …

Oh yeah I am reading like hundreds and hundreds of pages tutorials and looking youtube videos about different roles and functions in Eve online xD
To be honest I am spending more time with reading and researching than with playing at the moment.

And it seems that it will never end…

My friend who quit the game asked me if I knew Eve Online and because I didnt I start to inform myself and found it is very nice. So basically I am playing my own char right now and finishing tutorials and when I will be ready for the big guy I will take it over.

And asking here for improvements so I can skill it later. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help and answers till now

ah i see … ok guess thats a good way … start a new char … try a bit and learn … later get the cool char for free is a nice thing

think on that
you need to move his character to your own account … he cant just give you the login … its against the eula to give someone a account … you need to move the char from his account to your account
and (not really sure) the target account has to be omega at that time


You answered your own question in your very next post, but from the eula:

“Please note that using the character transfer service is the only legal way of giving another person access and control over a character. All rights to the character will be transferred to the owner of the account the character is transferred to.”

So if the guy is getting the account from his “friend”, then he should know that he has no recourse if CCP ban it for being transferred. The proper way requires 20 USD for a character transfer.

Also, your character is much more fun to grow than start off with all access imo.

yes i know this … you cant give a account to someone … you need to move the chars from the account to your own account but why it matters where he found the char?

could be ingame guy give him … sells for isk or on the forum or some page somwhere onlie … as long as he doesnt pays real money for it and he moves the char to a own account it doesnt matter where he found the char …

a friend bought chars from a corp guys when he quit eve
i bought a char in the forum
i got a char as present from a guy at a eve meet arround the corner

that really doesnt matter
only things: no reall money - move chars not accounts


Hmm sounds like a cheat to me. I honestly think that buying or getting an old char is very messed up since EVE is skill training. Its all about slowly watching and waiting for that extra dps, that last bit of cpu/power grid to fit your ship. That extra cap to make it fly… What your doing just destroys what eve is. You really should just stop reading and researching and just play the game. In time you will see what i’m saying.

EVE isnt a game that you play its a whole world you live in. Not just some game to beat.
If your looking for that then just go play Morrowind/Oblivion/Skyrim.

Getting informed about what you can do in EVE Online is the highest priority. Only with the knownledge about what I could like or want to fly later I will have a longterm motivation. And in my opinion this starts with reading about possibilites in Eve and checking like vids on youtube how it looks in a practical way. For example I really like the idea about ninja salvaging and rss wars. Maybe it will change in the next days but for the moment that sounds very promising ;D

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That’s twice in this thread now you’ve suggested that I asked that question. I did not.

I’m asking how he’s getting the character to his account, so he doesn’t make a slip up and think he can just take an account wholesale, and knows that he’ll have to pay 20USD for the transfer fee to his current account. Understand?

now thats a “where it is from” it doesnt matter if it is from char bazaar or 3rd party website or a friends … that doesnt matter … only thing matters id no real money for it and not the account only the chars … so i really understand

i was just woundering if you have any info that it really mattery where the char was found but my info is it doesnt matters
for my info you would need to make a thrad in the char bazaar anyways with “private sale” so CCP can see everything is correct but thats a other thing …

sorry its not that important but i was curious if there is something new arround


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