Price Check Request

Looking for a price check for this character. Looking to possibly sell this as a Rorqual Pilot/Resource Processing. Thanks in advance.

if i put a price on it you would only be insulted pls read this comment because its just basic what you need to train ( and i may have forgotten a few basic skills )

for a refiner ur to far off
i would ask a pilot that has a good rorq toon to show his eve board and ask him wich skills he would think are important
atm i would say a basic rorqual toon but if you put some extra work in it it would be a investment
i will link a few skills that i know you MUST have to be able to get soem coin for this toon / make it sellable
Command Burst Specialist
Shield Command on lvl 5
Shield Command Specialist on lvl 5
Cybernetics MUST BE lvl 5 for the mining foreman mindl link or you cant realy give a boost
jump drive calibration 5 conservation 4 ( minimal) and operation 5 or you cant even sell it as a capital toon ppl will only troll you

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