Price check this epic toon/ Rorqual pilot

hello there guys and girls,miners all around the new eden i have an offer to make
How would you feel to have your rorqual fleet commander named Rorq???
Great right?
that’s why i would like to see some price check on this bad boy PW 123
this account has not yet left his corp still is in null i am just looking for a price check and maybe something to make me sell it a insane price just cuz i know u rorqual miners have tons of isk now it’s your chance to use it

Bad boy. Just try bad. …

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1 more bump for the win :smiley:

6b isk

daily bump/

How mach bo price for your char?

this is a thread made to mock bid i would like to see how much i could get for it, if it goes for high enough for me to like i would create a new sale in wich this winner will be invited to participate and would close as soon as he places the bid there cuz this post does not follow the rules of ccp atm the char is in a null corp and so on, if i like the price i can get for it ill just make everything according to ccp rules so feel free to offer however much u want

For what minimum price you want to sell, to high enough for you? Maybe I am do for you a good offer. 10 bil will enough?

let’s just go with 30b
30b is my b/o

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30 b isk is unreal huge price. For this isk everyone can by Rorqual pilot with 30 mil SP.

if you held in there, and were willing to wait 2 weeks plus, you could get around 14B.

But realistic bids/offers will be in the area of 9B-12B.

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