Need an Appraisal on this Trade Character Please

here is the link to the char:

I wanted to trade or use this old char, to get myself something of a starter frigate character or something. i am a returning player many many years away from the game.

please let me know a value for this character. thanks!

Extraction value is like 8 B atm.
I offer 10 B
You could get more from those who want to play with the character.

I don’t think trading character for a character or any other item is allowed. Only ISK transaction is allowed.

thanks for the info.
what does a small scale pvp char cost?
something for maybe frigate combat?
ive been away so many years, i have no clue how to even play, lol.

I don’t know. Depends on the skill points and the specialization of the character.
10-20 milion SP character would be good for frigate, destroyer and cruiser PvP content, so it should cost around 8 to 20 B

i appreciate your help.
i would have to find a character listed in the bazaar and buy it with the ISK i get from selling this one. i assume.

interesting enough. thanks

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Yes. But you do have to have another character on your account to post here on the forums.

If you havent read it, i would highly suggest you read this

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