Trade Character 18M

Looking for offers:

Trade Character, extremely complete Jita trader, super focused:

Maxed Trade skills.

Please make offers, looking for an appraisal.

What’s the password for the eveskill board?

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offer 7,7 bill

please post a password for the eveskillboard, and also check out this link, if you do sell the char.

8 bil

People are bidding on a character they can’t even see? What’s the matter with y’all

They are likely just going off extractor value. Extraction value is roughly 8.2-8.4 (didnt check prices) so they are just trying to make a quick buck without looking at the character’s skills.

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Still Redek is correct. Also 8.1 Bill

The OP did state he is just looking for an appraisal too. This could be an attempted scam too… without the OP replying back, we don’t know.

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