Buying all characters, Best prices you can find!!!

All bazaar rulez apply!


If you would be so kind

40b isk

no more offer accepted under this topic, this topic is now closed.

Password 666; What do you offer?

pretty sure it states the post is closed but u can post it in mine :slight_smile:

And where is it ?

I think you are mixing things up

Are you sure… read what this post states above… its closed… so… I link you mine which is very active… I don’t like making offers in other peoples post but if u have a hard time finding it i can lmao…

Edit: This guy just copied my post after he saw how well mine was running don’t get confused about the title btw.

It is half way down; Oopsie >.<

And you gave me a price already :sleepy:

Fair Point. Can higher it to 38.2b Best offer :smiley:

Perfect Links and Command Ships/T3:

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