Price Check, aisle 5

55.3M SP. Toying with the idea of selling. Would someone kindly give me a fair appraisal?


Depends on the person buying generally, there are still a few skills to train to get it to a perfect Rev pilot.

There are also some skills not really useful, I would suggest this be auctioned for about 30-33B

I would kindly offer 30B to get you started.

Most base values go off extraction isk. At time of writing the margin on skill injectors is around 350m/unit. so if you extract the character and sell i would expect approximately 35b isk (subject to change either way with the market). If you value your $20 transfer fee and perhaps the actual training/skillbooks/usefulness of the character to someone then that goes on top of extraction value. As a buyer for profit it would need to be under 35 (the 30b offer above is realistic for a quick sale), if i was selling i would be looking for at least 37 to cover base value +$20, or take the time to extract it myself.

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