Why dont people just extract characters instead of selling them?

Doing some basic calculations it seems like you could make more money just extracting a character instead of selling it. Then why you sell it? For example a character with 20m sp selling for around 16bil.

Probably because of the name, older characters can also be used just because of their age, sometimes people are more willing to trust an established character than a 3 month old new character with millions of SP :stuck_out_tongue:

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That takes a lot of extractors, people may not have or be willing to put that investment in.

You did include the cost of the extractors?

Also if you extract and reinject you won’t get it all back because of the penalties.

Plus I don’t think you can extract the last 5mill?


I think i forgot about the extractor cost my bad

Doing some basic calculations, a character with 20 m SP will only be able to extract 15 mill of those.

So 15 mill, 500k SP per extraction, so 30 times.

30 x the profit of each injector, which is around 500 mill each.

So total profit would be 15 bill.

You also have to remember, skills cost isk. Capital skills can cost 500 mill each skillbook, so some people will include that into the cost.

That, plus the cost of the transfer itself, which is 1000 plex, or another 3 bill or so.

So, i guess it depends.

It certainly is easier to just sell and transfer than it is to extract, and put up sell orders.

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