Should I buy character for sp extraction and skillfarming?

So, for example, I’m seeing this toon with 33.6M sp for sale for 25 billion. (WTS 33.6M SP)

if I say (33.6M - 5M) / 0.5M = 57.2 Large Skill Extractors, and each large skill extractor is selling for 625M Isk, that’s 57.2 LSI * 0.625B Isk = 35.75 billion is. so I profit 10.75 billion is by buying this toon and selling the extracted LSIs. Shouldn’t the toon be higher priced then? Am I missing something?

You are missing the purchase cost of the skill extractors, which is what, ~295m each right now? So per-extraction profit is 330m isk, *57 (the .2 is unextractable and thus ignored) for a total value of 18.8b.


Also the last 5 mill skillpoints can’t be extracted.

They already accounted for that.

33.6m - 5m = 28.6m extractable skill points.

28.6m / 500k = 57.2 extractions.


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