Extract and inject logic vs. selling a toon

Hi, can someone please explain to me at what point is selling a toon not smart move (considering ISK for it) in corellation with buying and extracting skills … and then injecting them into some new toon.
Mathematically of course :slight_smile:


If you are talking about it in terms of isk, then It’s generally considered at 1 billion isk per million SP, and minus about a bill from the total. If you go lower than that, then it’s probably not worth it.

So if you have a 15 million sp pilot, then around 14, 15 billion isk would be normal and fair.

If you are talking about this in terms of sp, then no, there is no point at which it is not worth it, as long as you can get a good deal.

Thanks, i was asking this actually because i saw a char for sale at bazzar where he was suggested that it’s smarter to extract skills from toon and sell injectors … or something like this, he asked iirc 25B for the toon.
How much SP he has i am not sure … so considering transfer pricing there “must” be a “point of no return” :slight_smile:

Depends on the price.

If I were selling a toon with 25 million skillpoints, and got an offer for 10 billion isk, then yes, it would be better to extract it.

If I were selling a toon with 25 million skillpoints, and got an offer for 50 billion isk, then yes, it would be better to sell it.

There are minor fluctuations that change the price, since some skillbooks are pretty expensive. People also sell higher for skills that are trained to 5, especially if they take very long to train. Higher skillpoint characters sometimes sell for more than the extracted price because of this.

But it all depends on the price. If you can sell it for a good price, go for it. If all you get is lowball offers but you desperately need the isk, then extract.


certain other things can affect pricing (sometimes not by much) ship skins, implants in clones etc.

Look at is this way, the cost a Skill Extractor is 375 million isk and Large Skill Injector goes for 820 million isk. A difference of 445 million isk. Minus Broker Sales Fee and Sales tax, and your looking at around 410 million profit per 500,000 SP removed from a character. Since you can’t extract below 5 million isk, we can consider that ever 500,000 SP above the 5 million SP mark is worth `410 million isk. So if a character has 20 million SP to me it breaks even if purchased at 12.3 billion isk. Anything lower is pure profit.

But like stated above the rule of thumb is 1 billion isk per 1 million SP, so the odds of finding characters worth decommissioning is hard.

Alternatively, if this is a second account look at it this way. If you max out a skill trees training, for instance Missiles (Perception / Will Power), and basic implants, you can get some 40 SP trained per minute, over a 30 day month this is 1.7 million SP. This would equal 3.5 extractors per month, which can be moved over to your main giving you quicker SP leveling.

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