15B isk Ready

18 is too expensive what about 16?

really? i can extact 13 billons in extactors and sell a 4 B sp farm toon why i have 5 civernetics. but i prefer some one buy it to profit his capitall skill boks, why this toon is rdy to fly a carrier and get 40m ticks.

Starting bit is 18B tnx for your interest.

well,18b if you want to sell at this price

i just calculate the price as the injector is 750m …

Reached the starter bit i anounce i going to accept max bit reachet in the nex 48 hours until some one bit the BO.

how u can reach 13billions for extracting? you know that u have to buy extractors first? i calculate 10,6billion isk for Injection

you calculate i save 3 billons if i no sell it?

you say if u extract him and sell him as SP farm you reach 13bills for extracting and 4bil for SP farm, but if u have to buy the extractos for extract the SP u only reach 10,6billion for his skillpoints and 4bil for the toon as SP farm.

extracors are 368m and injectors are 850 this mean i can get 960M each 1 M sp. i can extract 12.5m yes i cant extract 13b just 12b but i still need 17B to make me profitable sell it. and i no want who buy this toon use it to extract him. sorry for the spam

in fact , 0.5msp is equal to about 470misk so it is no more than 16b total if you extract it but i need the pilot,so…i’ve just calculata as .0.4*24+4=14b…15b is too cheap but it is really not cheap of 18 in fact beacause your pilot is not pure enough

i count you retire your 18B Bit?

hmmm, i mean 18 is perhaps the highest price i can give…i need the pilot but not in a hurry

safe fly and i will wait for 48h if you want

if your 18b is ok i start the coundown

yeah 18b if you want to sell now i will pay now

so you still want to wait for 48h? hmmmm, my english is not good and i cannot understand all of what your means

what is your means bro

i just close the sell, i changed mind. sorry