WTS 8.3mil SP minmatar carrier sitter


pw 1234

In NPC corp.

Will be located in highsec.

Positive Wallet.

Positive sec. status.

Will transfer character by PLEX.

Starting bid: 6b

4bil offer

5b will buy today

Well, let’s do math. 1000 PLEX = 3.5b + extract value = 2.4b = 5.9b + little profit. That’s why I will never sell this toon below 6b :slight_smile:

im not extracting :slight_smile: but if you injected him you did poor skills.
im buying to use and abuse this pilot

Wormole rolling only

im going to inject a few things into him. not worth to buy at 6b

Your choice

GL my offer stands for 24 hours at 5b b/o


What kind of math was that? You have 3m of SP to extract, so 6 Extractors worth. The lowest price for Extractors right now is 388m, so 2,328,000,000 cost to extract. You’ll make 4,961,880,000 if you sell the Injectors at Jita Sell, which nets you 2,633,880,000isk after extracting down to 5m SP. You can’t extract under 5m SP, so that’s all the profit you make, assuming you can buy and sell at Jita Sell.

Transfer costs 1000 plex 3.5b

What kind of ■■■■ you want to tell me?

3.5+2.6 =6.1

I see. It was a mistake in understanding your post, not your math.

I don’t imagine you’ll make more than 6b off that character.

Who knows :new_moon_with_face:



5.1b offer

6b, but I need to trade on Friday