Is there a way to not lose skillpoints from a skill injector

(Muriel en Daire) #1

Is there a way to not lose skillpoints from a skill injector when you are at the limits?

I’m reshuffling skills.

So I need at least 5,500,000sp to be able to extract and at the most 5,000,000 to gain the full 500k back from a skill injector. Problem is that if I’m at 5,500,001 then I’m over and will lose 100k sp in the injector process.

Any way around this as there seems to be no buffer and I hate to lose that 100k for being a few skill points over.

(Tipa Riot) #2

Nope. The inbuilt loss works as designed to penalize what you plan to do (reshuffling SP).

(Muriel en Daire) #3

Well, that sucks. :frowning_face:

With Large skill injectors going for 785mil. A loss of 100,000 sp is equal to a loss of 157,000,000 isk

So it’s actually costing me 157mill isk to reshuffle.


(Black Pedro) #4

Not quite. 356M ISK is the cost of the extractor. So your 500k SP are only worth 430M meaning 100K is only worth about 86M ISK.

But however you do the accounting, moving SP around has a cost, and one that increases as you gain SP. I’d recommend you just don’t do it, at least for a while unless you are sure you know what you are doing. The SP:ISK ratio only seems to get more valuable, so keeping those unneeded SP for now until you really need an infusion of ISK is probably wiser. Just keep training what you want and consider those banked SP an asset you farmed to be extracted at a later date and sold.

(Muriel en Daire) #5

Good point. Thanks.