Skill injectors for rebalancing your SP without losing SP?

I would like to reshape my skills somehow.
I could create a large skill injector from some of my skills
and re-injecting them, but as my char has more than 10M Sp’s,
I would only get a fraction of the extracted.

I’m speculating: the skill injector have been created to help new
players skill up fast, and be on the market only, but what if there was
a sort of extractor-re-injector, reshaping SP like your char face and sex, appearence
instead, only meant to work within your char, and not for selling, or swapping
SP’s to an alt or so??

Bad idea or feasible?

Bust out your wallet of course!


Long time ago (actually several years ago) one of the X-mas gifs was a very special booster that did allow to inject 3 Large Skill Injectors without any SP loss

It is only up to CCP if these boosters will be ever available again.

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The diminishing returns on injectors normally means an item like this is super valuable to high sp players.

When that came I knew it was a rare gift. I got as many as I could and used them one after the other (even waking up in the middle of the night to maximize it) on an alt to inject as many sp as possible. I think I spent 200 billion ISK on injectors during that holiday lol.

I do think keeping the diminishing returns in place is for the better though, keeping the choices matter mentality, losing some sp to respec should be there.

Not only that but you can train anything without losing your existing skills. You don’t need to extract if you change profession just train it. Also look at all the sp from skilling sprees, holidays, events, implants, cerebral accelerators, packs etc. Training time nowadays is a joke.

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I think your idea is fine and I’ve thought about it myself.
But the likely reason they would not implement something like this is that the current method is used as an ISK sink.

Well it’s not inviting at all…

I recall Dust 514 had a paid full skillpoint respec system with no diminishing returns.

It did feel like it created some balancing issues for the developer because it made gameplay metas a lot easier to chase–thereby more development time felt like it was being placed on balancing. It also felt to some extent development changes were made to drive respec token sales.

The current Eve skill injector system also has this facet. The questions become then are diminishing returns helpful to the player experience, the in-game economy, and CCP’s ability to monetize skillpoints.

This game has several different things going on that have diminishing returns… SP should have them as well.

When I trained the majority of my SP it was at a time when the SP is considered “committed.” Once a skill is trained and the points applied they were gone.

I for one was happy to pull 500,000 SP and get 150,000 in return when they first introduced skill injectors.

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