Skill Injectors

So how many older players do you think will take advantage of the holiday gift? Skill Injectors with no penalty seems like it would entice a lot of higher sp players into buying.

I’ll probably buy some in hopes for a price spike so heres to hoping Im right :slight_smile:

Let’s hope so. I’ve been waiting to cash out 3 billion SP.

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Why would they buy injectors? They have all the things they want already trained and either have stopped training, or are happy that they have a 50 day skill to train so that they don’t need to worry about what to train next.

Theoretically, yes, having 150 or 200 mill skillpoints still means you have a lot more skillpoints that you can train.

Practically, no, I’m not going to spend isk getting skill injectors just so I can shave a month off from Skilling caldari titan 5 and shorten my training time from 7 months to 6, all for the low low price of 2.2 billion isk.

I would’ve preferred a booster that gave you an extra remap or two.

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yeah an extra remap woulda been wonderful…

I just know my higher sp character I was excited to fill 1 hole i missed… nearly maxxed in cap ships, well certain cap ships… and I went and forgot to do cap ship repair on my last remap… ugh

So now I see this as an opportunity to do it in less something like 50 days due to being off spec

The gift today I find interesting too… The standings booster… no expiration which is nice, I just don’t know how many people care about standings anymore… with the advent of the citadel as trade hubs it took big chunk out of the value or high standings. I’ll probably grab a few and hope but I wont invest a ton of ISK into it… as for injectors I’ll invest some but they hold value so its not that big of a risk.

Being honest, I have a character with over 100 million skill points, and if possible I will use the Christmas gift from all 3 of my omega accounts.

Yes, a lot of what I train is 30+ day trading times, but 9 large skill injectors will allow me to skip through months of training AND the more SP the character, the more likely they will have the isk to blow on injectors.

The value of these new injectors will be quite low even though market is predicting otherwise. People in Eve have a habit of making alts, so if they need something to fly fast they inject an alt. Mains already know how to fly almost everything, therefore the supply of the event items is HUGE compared to the amount of high sp pilots intending to use these… About only reason to inject high sp character is triglavian ships or getting just un allocated sp, but thats about it…

because free Unallocated SP is awesome, can instantly pilot new ships like the new trig ships I did frig/cruiser/bs to 5 already with training, but I haven’t touched the destroyer or BC skills yet, might be nice to just inject those. Or you can use free sp to replace strat cruiser SP loss. That and I’ve been putting off training leadership for a long time probably use a free remap on it soon™, or I could just inject it, but at 150k sp/injector I don’t even want to know how many billions that would cost, a full 500k sp/injector at least I’m curious.

They are not free. You have to buy Injectors to make use of that special accelerator.

Fine unallocated skill points, ya happy?

You seem confused. The special accelerator I talked about in the first quote only works on Skill Injectors. These skill points are not “free”, you paid for the full injector regardless how many SP you get out of it. Stop mischaracterizing things.

In trying to appear smart, you appear butthurt, would like pledge 20b in your next venture.

on topic, all my plexed characters have 3 injectors ready to go. others i know are using the extractors to suck out bad skills & optimize the charactors with them, others are just gonna cash out the item. its a nice gift, can instantly fly new things well.

free sp = unallocated SP, aka SP that can be freely applied anywhere, not doesn’t cost anything SP.

Yeah I like the gift… I wish there wasn’t an expiration date on em but it is what it is.

Those standings ones though have no expiration date so they may end up being the more valuable gift in the long run, as supply dwindles that is

its not awesome when it costs 800 million isk, though.

Thats like saying a 250 million SP pilot is awesome. It is. But you have to pay 250 billion isk to get it, which isnt awesome at all.

Imagine having to train that same 250 mil sp pilot from the ground up and only a 24 hr skill queue. 250 bil is easy.

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Christ you people

I read it, and i know what you meant.

But, again, its not awesome when the SP costs 800 million isk to apply.

You said, “Because SP is awesome”. Lets remove the “Free” from the sentence to make it simpler. Yes, having more SP is awesome, but its not awesome when it costs 800 million isk.

fair enough, still I’d rather spend some billions now to get the SP than more than 3 times that much in the future.

What’s with the price of skill injectors increasing so much lately?