How to use the "Absolute" Injector Augmentor (Booster)


It seems for many people the question is not how but why to use them. I’ve heard people with 80m+ SP say they don’t really need anything right now. It’s funny, because once they realize that they absolutely do need those SP, it will be too late and they’ll pay thrice the price of now.

Not sure who you’ve been talking to, all the experienced players I know plan to take full advantage of the 15 million penalty free SP they can inject.

Just goes to show skill != skill points :wink:

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I don’t really need anything right now and I’ve still used up mine and bought a second round of injects for once the cooldown is gone.

I’m just going to leave the points unallocated for now. Since the boosters are time limited, it would be foolish not to get a little value out of them.

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For some players, pretty wealthy ones, this is a great gift. I’ve calculated 20-23 boost cycles at 1.5 Million SP gets a character 30-36 Million SP.

Sure some veterans dont need more SP. Others want to have 30 million banked to jump on opportunities (new skills) as they emerge, or to pivot to another profession without having to wait. Need a refiner? No problem, banked SP can train all the skills needed instantly. Sure you can buy a character, or inject an alt… but then you have one more alt to manage.

I see this as a chance to make a valuable character even more valuable if you decide to sell it. For me, this is a great opportunity to merge alts back into mains, and manage less characters on less accounts.

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The price of the adventure is too high! The “…20-23 boost cycles at 1.5 Million SP gets a character 30-36 Million SP” will cost like 51-58B ISK (2.5 years to PLEX the Omega subscription) because

Interestingly prices gone up just after EVE Vegas 2018. The ‘boosting’ process makes sense if to use like 10 cycles at least for capsuleers with over 80M SP only. For a capsuleer under 50M SP it’s not so important to do it with this booster or without this. To use only one booster to gain 1.5M SP for 2.55 B ISK will not change anything for a capsuleer with over 10M SP. I have one Injection Augmentor and IDK yet to use it or not, similarly to those which dropped 'em on market for hilarious low prices. Its not bad to mention that Skill Extractor prices remain stable - almost all extractors were bought by PLEX.

This program can be profitable if to buy characters on bazzar or to move ALTs to mains, by making them Capital ship pilots. ‘Empty’ ALTs can be filled with traditional Injectors until 50M SP again and again… The Black Desert Online Training Manual model. This will feed well the new Capital multiboxing model in EVE - soon we will spectate not 800 Titans on grid, but 1600 Titans. Is it good for the game evolution? Recent changes to the game entirely, including this booster model, will change TQ slowly to the

Interesting, bwt… Is this the true reason why the IChooseYou mini-empire was evicted from this Skill Injector business model lately?

Yeah exactly. At any point CCP may introduce new Skills for Triglavians or something like this and this is a great opportunity to prepare for that. Still I heard quite a few higher SP people say that because they don’t need the SP right now they wouldn’t use it, which I agree is foolish.

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Not just the wealthy ones though and that is what kept me wondering about peoples decision. 30-36 Million SP equals between 1.5 and 2 years skill training, which you’d essentially pay the same or more for wether subbing or plexing. So I find it quite funny that people choose to not jump 2 years ahead.

I may be totally wrong here, but I thought players over 80M SP should not have a problem with having 60B ISK for Injectors at hand or being able to get liquid by selling some of their stuff.

Well, I suppose when the next large SP skills are introduced some people will really bite their ass.

Only the people who have no patience and cant wait, and at the same time, for some reason, need those skills, would realize that they need those SPs.

For everyone else, its not something to be concerned with.

Ive gotten all the triglavian skills. I didnt use injectors, i waited. And im fine with that. Ive never been in a situation where id needed the skills right there, on the spot. Infact, most of my characters still have around 500-800k unallocated after the Strat cruiser reimbursement, but because i never used them, theyve sat there doing nothing.

It seems that those who don’t use that injector before January 7 won’t get any benefit from it, and they can also pay billions for it after then.
And it’s good for 180 days.
After 180 days, it may become a rip off.

Okay, but this is not related to the Augmentors, or is it? Hasn’t exactly this happened ever since Injectors came into the game? I thought this is their main role in the trinity of Rorquals, Superrating and SP farming. Wether that is or isn’t good for the game is probably not the topic for this thread, but I’m really not sure these Augmentors play a large role in that.

So yes, as you said before that, these Augmentors are mainly good for 80M+ SP chars, who are still training. And with 80M SP, one doesn’t even have a all around great subcap char. Merging chars as was mentioned, that too.

I’m really just curious why so many of them have been dumped on the market. Is the main reason the abundance of SP farm accounts or is it that we don’t have so many 80m+ SP chars or is it that too many people above 50/80m SP feel that they don’t need those SP, because they don’t care about having more choices or maxed out skills?

And this, absolutely no idea what you mean. I thought this was simply some kind of proxy war in the conflict between PH and TEST. No?

Afaik you can redeem the presents for 180 days. The Augmentor works for 16 - 32 hours depending on your Biology Skill and once you inject SP, they won’t go away after 180 days or do they?

Allright, fair enough, but that’s back to the basic of pro/contra Skill Injector discussion. My question is under the assumption that the existence of Skill Injectors already have changed the game deeply. My other assumption and I am probably learning right now that this one is totally wrong, was that peoples mains or subcap-PVP-alts aim at roughly 150m SP, because that should be around the point where you really have nothing left to train and can start using your main as a skill farmer.

I had to leave the weapon specs to IV for the time being, because I have some other skills on my list, but I really need to catch up. I agree with you that patience is important, but normally there is also the 150k SP cap on injectors, which punishes impatience with a higher bill. Now for these weeks this punishment is gone and it seems that it would be okay if I keep the patience for after making a large jump in SP. I’ll have to be patient again afterwards anyway.

I am one of those people with no use for this stuff main sitting at 204 mil sp currently training useless leadership skills that I don’t really need just for the sake of training already done with triglavian skills why would I want 30mil sp and waste my isk on this instead of using that isk to buy plex and horde more plex?

True, at 204 mil sp you don’t need to worry about them.

Yeah, they sure do.
That’s the whole thing really.
If you try to use them after the January 7 deadline, whatever time in hours that may be, you will then not be able to use them, and ,
if you didn’t sell them before, whoever buys them also won’t.

If you use them before, then it will, or may, work.
You would need the 3 Injector maximum to make use of it and benefit from the factor that it grants.

For me, the best to use it on would be my new 61m 62m SP Pilot (Capsuleer / Pod Pilot).
It’s 12 days left before the 7th, but there are other factors to consider which would mostly add time.

Let’s say I have to use that device booster or what not, on my 62m SP pilot, and I want to use a 2nd one after that, on the 7th or the 6th, to catch the deadline in time, and that I find out that I can only use one of those, and that the second one won’t work.
That means that I have the use the ‘Absolute’ Injector Augmentor on my 2nd best pilot, with the most SP which is around 20m+ , I think.
I forgot which one it is exactly now.

I also have many pilots and accounts on which I didn’t bother to get all the rewards in order to save login time, although I should check the value of the rewards to try to avoid losing potential profit I may need.

assuming an injector costs 850mil and the booster costs 50 mil each 1.5 mil SP costs 2.6 bil, to inject that normally would cost 8.5bil, by comparison it’s cheap. I never used a single injector on any of my mains until yesterday. I’m not going to extract bio 5, or alarm clock to get the max injections but each time I log in and I can inject I’m going to inject.

where will I apply the SP? I have no idea, there’s a good chance it sits on my character sheet til the servers shut down, but I really have nowhere better to spend the isk right now. That said I’m lucky I spent the isk over the last year buying cheap MPTC, extractors, and PLEX whenever the galaxy packs were on sale, and I sp farmed on all my extra character slots. I started this venture with passive income in mind but got lazy and never harvested, but the timing looks right to do so now.

Right, the compare tool is very powerful, and can be very powerful if done right.

I’m doing this schedule (11pm, 8 am, 4pm) so RL disruptions are less. And I use a remote desktop to get into my home machine if I am away from home (and I’m on a mac). Just use a trial version of “LogMeIn” or something.

I overpaid for Boosters (average 400m) when I bought my first 30-40 and ended up losing about 25 Billion :cry:… but since I expected to pay 2 billion per it is bittersweet. Since I thought I could only afford doing 1 or 2 characters, not I’m going to do 4.

So yeah, I’m fully committed to making this “snow pact” on top of the mountain. When drought hits I’ll be ready.

Bonus - the boosters are cheap, so rearranging alts to optimize skills is great! AND if you bought bad characters off the bazaar, you could change them into focused characters to sell back.

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It is. Injectors doing the same thing, but they are normalized towards 50M SP due to their diminishing returns. The 50M SP value is normalized towards Battleship class ships or into good developed Orca miner character, Industrialist, ‘refiner’ and etc. The normalized value is used like Gaussian distribution, which defines the quantity distribution around some median value with a respective probability/quantity value. Like 15000 pilots with 45-55M SP, 9000 pilots with 30M SP and 80M SP, 5000 pilots below 10M SP and above 100M SP. What CCP has done? They moved the median of average skilled pilots form 50-80M SP range to a value above 100M SP, which defines the Capital skill abilities of capsuleers like this:


Therefore, we have more pilots with over 100M SP right now, which, I think, are mains and Capital ALTs of SOV alliance members. It will increase the cliff between new and old (ISK rich) EVE players, by making much harder for ‘new generation’ to acquire something in this game by their own. CCP decided that players with Capitals should have more Capitals by some reason.

There are two reasons, I think. Firstly, there are many fresh players with less than 10M SP, which don’t need that booster at all and they just haven’t so much ISK. They missing so much SP, that like addition 10M SP will not change anything for them. Secondly, there are many Omega ALTs, which can afford like only 1-2 booster cycles. Addition ‘Augmentor’ boosters they just selling.

It’s the official point. PH refused to defend the IChooseYou structures again. IChooseYou made an offer to TEST to be a new mercenary. TEST refused the offer. IChooseYou mini-empire was profitable, but not enough to feed such a big alliance like PH, far not. PH with traditional farming, I think, can make much-much more resources, including a ship replacement program. So, IChooseYou Injector business model can make good ISK for few players only (even with current prices on character bazzar) and one player was changed with another one, I think.

[update] Maybe it’s not a profitable project, but a project to not allow neutral or unknown players to make trillions of ISK over years, like Moneybadger.

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