What did people do before skill injectors?

Hey, i’m only at 10mil sp but have made around 8.5bil in the last two days alone, in high sec. What did people spend their money on before skill injectors were a thing? There’s not much I can fly properly, not being able to fly any T2 ship at all at the moment, without skill injectors i’d not have much to buy. Thanks in advance, just can’t figure out why people spend things on what they do, like billions worth of implants, needless amount of citadels etc.

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I had fun with whatever I could fly, I set my goals and just enjoyed the game. Skill injectors did not change anything for me, apart from being able to self-sustain some alts.

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We waited and learned how to use what we had. Back then isk was more valuble as well.


They played the game.

Now people care only about isk and sp. This is ■■■■■■■ game, enjoy it and don’t care about numbers. You can have same fun in frigate as in any other ship.

Also, no one siad that you need to spend your isk on anything.


Fair, I just can’t find enough fleets to spend my money at the moment. Most fleets run Frigs/Dessies since anything above that has a disgustingly low inertial multiplier so even when i’m in-fleet i’m not spending much money. Guess i’ll have to look into large corps that have some reason to bring bs fleets to timers or something since I have t2 large turrets?

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People had fun. Having too much ISK at a too early point in time spoils the fun as you miss the steady growth.


enjoy the game
stop caring about isk and sp

I can’t fly a single t2 ship at the moment. That stops me from entering a lot of fleets so I don’t enjoy as much .-.

Plus, mindless pve is awful

there are plenty of fleets running non T2 ships… which if you have 8.5 bil ships, you can buy some skills for t2 ships and start training them… you can also do faction warfare which you can use T1 frigs in.


Yeah, i’m looking doing some FW for fun. It’s a shame there’s no isk incentive to pvp. If anything it’s discouraged since you’ll get ganked by faction navy npcs due to low standing if you FW and you can’t even be in a corp whilst doing it.

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You can be in a corp to do FW, as long as your whole corp is enlisted. and unless you plan on traveling to the area where you are getting neg standing with the navy you are fighting you should be good. my main, cannot enter gallente space without getting shot… which i have no desire to go to or through gallente space.

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Skill Injectors came in to allow people to buy Skillpoints. It came about as there was a growing divide between the Oldie players unt ze Newbs.

Personally I used them to access certain Hulls for tactical reasons, buying in batches of 10 as ‘expansion packs’ like you would with Warhamster. The strategy worked well.


Battleships with smartbombs in highsec!
■■■■ yeah!

When you want to spend ISK to go out with a blast,
you do it in a disco! :smiley:


Does there need to be?


It would just be nice if there were. There’s no need for anything.

You bought characters from people who had already developed the skills you want.


Yeah, i’m saving up right now so that I can ditch this 10mil sp character and buy something decent. I’ll keep this acc for use as isk making and have an alt pvper I guess.

What have you been doing to make 8 billion isk in two days? I have been playing this game since 2006 and I am quite sure that in the entire 12 years I have been playing I have never accumulated that much isk.


Well, to be fair I did spend a decent amount of time doing it. It’s only lucrative because no one does it though, so posting it on the forum would ruin my isk/hour sorry.

Spend it on SKINs, you know you want to! :wink: