Skill injector and pay to win effect

Last time I heard of a corp mate, 3 month old, giving us the list of his flying ships, in resume : a lot.

He says he have some money to spend and he inject “some” skills to get faster operational.

My Main char is born in 2006 and have 144M skills points and can fly almost all sub cap all race.
My New Alt has 6M and is mostly a minner

For fun, I try to make the same goal, flying all precursor ships and weapons (just enough to pilot it)
Of course my main has a lot of “utility” but just to see.

With Evemon I make a plan,
For my main, I need 62days, 3.9M skill points and it need 26 Large and 1 small Skill Injector.
For my alt, I need 218dans, 10M skill points, and it need…25 large and 5 small Skill Injector.

In a way I find this unfair, but I understand ccp situation, it’s a lot better for them to sell a new omega account, and a big skill injection for dedicated character than a multi million all around character.

But now, it’s so easy to buy stuff with money, buy ships, skills, get almost as effective than a 10y old pilot just with our bank account. Loosing a ship, , need a skill, . and sometime if a “normal” player can’t buy things, he can’t be as competitive.

I know the problem is old as F2P games, but I feel sad for eve’s future (at least for my future)

I’m interested to get your opinion on injectors and this P2W aspect of Eve.


Having a blingy ship and having the skill to use a blingy ship are two different things.


Having to sell plex ro replace blingy ship and actually playing to replace blingy ship is also a game breaking difference

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I agree that Skill Injectors makes the game unbalanced. I like the idea.

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Its not pay to win. If you shoot anything enough in thi game it will blow up.


Injecting is a great way to burn piles of real life $ and simply keep the game funded for other players. The player skill needed only comes with time. Without injectors Eve would have a very difficult time retaining new players as people aren’t willing to wait 6 months just to do x function.


In a game that has been going for a decade and a half it is probably a good idea to let newer players close the gap and it lets the game continue for the bitter vets against the idea.


It also allows vets to get more fleet members that can fly doctrine ships without waiting forever.


Perhaps, but there are so many easy ways of making isk that it’s not really an issue.

This is absolutely true.

I’m totally agry with helping new players, the pb is Vets are somewhat penalized when new stuff came out, like Precursors ships.
A 1 year pilot with injector get the skills faster and with less money than a player with more than 100M.
In my simulation I allready have all T1 ships, the skills needed are for T2 only, and the new player can get it with less injector.

So IMO the injector decrease system is not fair, in this case.
I hope CCP will find a better way.

The other problem is plex, and way it help to replace lost ships in a second.
I know there is a lot of ways to get money, but a lot are not accessible for me, mostly by my available play time, but I can’t see a way to replace plex so…

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Plex goes to one of the basic systems of EvE where like skills, people who work a lot can keep up with people with no life. This was one of the best selling points of EvE.

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“skill injector and pay to win effect”

Win what? As character from 2018 you should know that SP means nothing in EVE. As long as it brings new people to game I’m ok with it. I also don’t have SP farms so I won’t whine because my RMT biznes will crash.

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Injection only gets skills leveled, it doesn’t help players learn how to use them any better.

We’ve all seen skill injected players in Battleships or T3 ships, but have no idea how use them, and thus die very fast.

Most direct inject to a specific ship fit, but fail to lvl core skills, and fail to learn how to use modules they injected for.

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There’s flying a ship, and there’s ‘flying’ a ship.

You can buy one, you can’t buy the other.

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Blingy doesnt always make better.

The thing is, the Character Bazaar has existed for a long time even before skill injectors. Players were still able to purchase and fly a 10 year old character from day 1. Nothing has changed in that respect.

Good players will be good at eve because they actually understand the mechanics. And buying or injecting a 100 million skillpoint char wont change that.

Bad, or new players, will suck at EVE because they have no idea why their big battleship guns arent hitting a small frigate circling around him. “These guns says it deals 1000 Damage per second. Why am i doing zero? These guns say they work within 20 KM, and the frigate is 5km away. Why am I missing every shot? Ive filled my midslots and lowslots with cap boosters and cap relays, so that im cap stable. Thats good, right? I also have Shield boosters, Armor repairers and Hull repairers too. Gotta be able to repair everything, right?”

Thats the point with the penalty.

It is to prevent veteran players with characters to quickly and cheaply skill up into new ships.

With a new player, since he isnt specialized in anything, skill injectors will help you master a single subject.

When you have 100, 200 million skillpoints, you already have a lot of skillpoints that make you a master of several paths. Being a jack of all trades and a master at none, is one thing, but being a jack of all trades and a master of all, is another. Therefore, the limiations.


Sure, but you don’t need 100M to master one combat race at L5 if you stay focus on that. For 10 years I paid for only 1 char, so yeah he can fly a lot of thing and prod, and mine, but now, leveling an alt is faster than upgrading this one.
For me it’s an hidden way to says players "buy another account, pay twice, and pay for injector…

I understand the goal for ccp, but it’s a bit depressing for me.


I have plans to cap this character at 50 million Skill Points.

Yes, and thats the point.

Its easier to start, but harder to continue.

This is literally how all progressions for levels work in MMOs.

No, its a hidden way to say “You already have enough skills, stop wasting ISK on injectors and learn the ships you can already fly, not the ships you think look good”.


If a “normal” player cannot plan and organise or join a great alliance he will not be competitive. No ammount of money can compensate for that.

If a “normal” player logs in with his friends in a small corp they can have a great experience and a lot of fun. No ammount of money can compensate for that.

Money can help you get to a specific goal faster but without a sound strategy and awesome tactics you are lost in space and you will loose hard.

I have around 100 million skillpoints acumulated over 12 years. You could have the same amount but most likely focussing on 50 million well selected skillpoints can be much more competitive than what I trained up. If there is anything to learn from eve online it is both “stop and think” and “have fun”, neither can be achieved with cold hard cash.